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Top 40 Pigments
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Pigments are the main ingredients of artist paints. Watercolor, oil and acrylic paints are all manufactured using more than 100 pigments.Every pigment has different characteristics like lightfastness (permanency) , transparency, drying shift (hue change after drying). The most detailed investigation about pigments has been made by Bruce MacEvoy and published in his web site www.handprint.com. Bruce MacEvoy has chosen best 40 of these pigments based mostly on their permanency. You can see the list of these pigments in the table below. This list will help you while choosing your colors.By clicking on any pigment name, you can see the list of different brands and colors in Memosart that are manufactured using that pigment.
PB15Phthalocyanine Blue
PB15:1Phthalocyanine Blue (Red Shade)
PB15:3Phthalocyanine Blue (Green Shade)
PB16Phthalocyanine Turquoise
PB27Iron Blue
PB28Cobalt blue
PB29Ultramarine Blue
PB35Cobalt Tin Oxide
PB36Cobalt Chromium oxide
PB60Indanthrone Blue
PBk31Perylene Black
PBk9Bone or Ivory Black
PBr7Natural Iron Oxide
PG17Chromium Oxide Green
PG36Phthalocyanine Green (Yellow Shade)
PG50Cobalt Titanate Green
PG7Phthalocyanine Green
PO20Cadmium Orange
PO48Quinacridone Orange
PO73Pyrrole Orange
PR101Synthetic Red Iron Oxide
PR108Cadmium Red
PR122Quinacridone Magenta
PR179Perylene Maroon
PR206Quinacridone Maroon
PR209Quinacridone Red
PR254Pyrrole Red
PV14Cobalt Violet
PV15Ultramarine Violet
PV16Manganese Violet
PV19bQuinacridone Violet (beta quinacridone)
PV19gQuinacridone Rose (gamma quinacridone)
PV23Dioxazine Violet
PW6Titanium White
PY110Isoindolinone Yellow R
PY129Copper Azomethine Green
PY150Nickel Azomethine Yellow
PY153Nickel Dioxine Yellow
PY154Benzimidazolone Yellow
PY35Cadmium Zinc Sulfide
PY42Synthetic Yellow Iron Oxide

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